अब रहम कर…

ऐ खुदा! बन्दे है तेरे हम…
नहीं काफ़िर की कोई गुनाह करे…
ना तडपा कि अब बस रहम कर…
है यकीं तुझ पर बहुत…
तू भी अब कुछ यकीं दिखा…
ना कर जुल्म अब रहम दिखा…
ना ले यु इम्तेहान सब्र का…
अब तू भी कुछ फ़िक्र जाता…
अब तो कुछ करम कर…
अपने बन्दों पे तो रहम कर..
रहम कर…रहम कर…रहम कर…!!!


7 responses

  1. यशवन्त माथुर | Reply

    है यकीं तुझ पर बहुत…
    तू भी अब कुछ यकीं दिखा…
    ना कर जुल्म अब रहम दिखा

    बहुत अच्छी तमन्ना है स्वप्ना जी।


    1. Thanks Yashwant ji 🙂

  2. यशवन्त माथुर | Reply

    कल 25/11/2012 को आपकी यह बेहतरीन पोस्ट http://nayi-purani-halchal.blogspot.in पर लिंक की जा रही हैं.आपके सुझावों का स्वागत है .

  3. बहुत खूब

  4. Dear sister,

    God is not unjust. It is we who commit atrocity on ourselves by following our desires instead of submitting our will to The God. Quran, the last and protected message from the God, says:

    “Surely Allah does not do any injustice to people, but people are unjust to themselves.” (Chapter 10 Verse 44)

    God have already send his mercy to mankind and completed his favor upon us all. The mercy was the messengers who were sent to all communities throughout history. For example Abraham, Moses, Jesus (Peace be upon them all) are some of the messengers in a long list. People corrupted their messages with time. Finally, the God has sent the last messenger Mohammed (Peace be upon him) to whole mankind . The message he brought i. e Quran is a mercy available to all of us even today in its original form without any corruption.

    Addressing to the final messenger Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him), the God says in Quran:

    “And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds [All creatures].” (Verse 21:107)

    “And when you, [O Muhammad], do not bring them a verse, they say, “Why have you not contrived it?” Say, “I only follow what is revealed to me from my Lord. This [Qur’an] is enlightenment from your Lord and guidance and mercy for a people who believe.” (Verse 7:23)

    1. I am not saying here anything against GOD. It is just a poem and I would request to take it just as a state of mind or just a situation…

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